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Inquiries regarding VIVE pro eye

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Hello everyone,

I'm PhD student in NYU and I would like to use the VIVE pro eye in my study to track the pupil size.

I did some research about the Tobii eye tracker and I had some questions that related to the eye tracking but I was not sure if they are relevant to the VIVE pro eye as well.

I would appreciate your help.

1. If a participant wears their personal vision-correcting glasses, does that affect the accuracy with which we identify the pupil size?- since it can affect the recording by reflecting the infrared illumination.
2. Pupil foreshortening error- a change in the pupil diameter as a function of gaze angle. Does it imply on VIVE?
3. Does the pupil recording in the HTC Vive Pro Eye has the Switch illumination mode between dark and bright? The other Tobii devices have.

@Daniel_Y @Corvus

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