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HTC Vive Tracker switches orientation


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Hey all, So,... did anyone figure this out?. I'm having the same issue. I have been banging my head against the wall for days. I see lots of post of the same issue, but no one chiming in with solutions. Did you all give up? I know someone has figured it out. I see so many videos of people doing this successfully. not sure what I'am missing here.

I'm trying to setup a virtual production rig, with a Vive Tracker mounted to the top of my camera. I went through just about every post and tutorial on the subject I can find.
I can get the tracker working well in UE4, but the orientation is wrong or maybe not wrong but at the very least doesn't match up with UE4. the tracker is being read with x-axis pointing up, which has my camera pointing straight up

Click image for larger version  Name: Capture.PNG Views: 0 Size: 472.0 KB ID: 1789766
But I would like the Z axis to point up, but there doesn't seem to any clear way of changing this. I see in other peoples tutorials that z-axis is pointing up
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWQZNw9iMNs&t=1635s approx 25-26mins in
I've tried all the different tracker roles, they all seem to orientate the same way. Ive tried all sorts of different combos of Controller bindings
Ive tried rotating the tracker, adding variable to compensate, i tried rotating a parent with the tracker attached, i've tried rotating the camera parented to the tracker. they all fix one thing but broke a bunch of other things.
I have tried using Notch VFX. and is the same issue, X is up.

Could someone in the KNOW, please point me in the right direction! ... Im not asking for the recipe to your secret sauce or anything, maybe a clue, a crumb, anything? anyone from Epic or Unreal? or HTC?
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@Spinner Audio Visual When a tracker is assigned the SteamVR role "hold in hand" orientation will change 90°. If you want to have a custom orientation/offset you will want to parent the tracker to another object. If you need further assistance or information I strongly suggest checking out the Virtual Production facebook group which has a very helpful community of industry professionals for the emerging virtual production field.

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