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Unable to retrieve Texture2D from ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture on Unity


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Hi there, I am attempting a AR project using the Vive Pro Eye and SR Works. I am unsure how may I extract out a Texture2D from the front cameras to be passed on to 'OpenCV for Unity' for Aruco marker detection.

After looking through the SRWorks SDK, I came across ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture.cs which will properly be the likely script to use. I have attempted getting the Texture2D from ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture.GetUndistortedTexture() but I am without success.

I am seeking any advice on how to use ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture.cs and/or if anyone has success at Aruco marker detection using Vive SRWorks. Many thanks!

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Hi jaron and others,


Actually I'm trying to get the exact same thing to work with my Vive Pro and Aruco markers however I didn't have any success yet. 
I use this package as a base for the Aruco tracking: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/tutorials/ar-marker-detector-80086

It works well with my Logitech Webcam.
Hope that the SR Works team can help us out.

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You can get the texture buffer of camera image in ViveSR_DaulCameraImageCapture.cs

There are four textures in our script.(TextureDistoredLeft, TextureDistoredRight, TextureUndistoredLeft, TextureUndistoredRight)
And you can find out more detailed information in Vive.Plugin.SR.ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture.Initial().

The texture buffer can be converted to OpenCV mat.

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