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New controllers?


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Any chance of a new type of controller in the near future?

I've just recently got myself a used vive to get ready for the faceplate and I got to say, nowhere near as ergo as the cosmos controller.

With the index controllers out and pimax releasing their sword sense I hope you guys step up your game and release something to rip the competition 

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I asked the same question is another post but I didn't get any definitive answer. I'm reticent to invest more money until I know which direction Vive is heading in that respect. I'm interested in this product https://tg0.co.uk/etee/ which works with the Vive Cosmos according to their response to me but it won't be available until at least December and by that time there may be new products on the market that will work with this tech so I guess we have no other option except to wait and see or take a gamble. I agree the old wands are awful to use especially for a long time. Something will turn up.


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