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Hi, I am using room effect and tuned the suitable reflection rate at user define for my content environment.

But if I want to use the same settings for another room , I have to adjust the reflection rate value manually for every walls.

Is it possible to add a feature to save the user define settings? It will be very helpful for content development.


@Professor 3DSound

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Hi PiskeBoBo,

This is a very good advice and we are always considering this option.

However, there are more excited features which are developed currently, therefore it will be fulfilled in the future.

For the temporary solution, you can copy the game object to a new one, and reshape the new game object by tuning its size.

The new game object would have the same material settings as the old one.

The room effect would coincide to the new room because VIVE 3DSP Room effect could automatically adjust itself by the room size.

Hope this solves your problem.

Thank you for the advice and please be patient.

Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound

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