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Android + Unity Settings Best Practices Guide for Wave SDK


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@VibrantNebula @JustinVive @Dario and team. It would be really great if your could publish a Best Practices Guide on Player/Build/Preferences settings in Unity. It would be VERY helpful understanding how WAVE SDK changes might be impacted by the version of unity you might be running. For instance, having a better understanding of how Unity 2019.x player settings impact the performance of our Wave VR 3.1.6 SDK based app on a Vive Focus/Plus would be EXTREMELY helpful...THoughts?

Here's ours if its helpful. We are running Unity 2019.3.6f1 + Wave SDK 3.1.6 and we develop for BOTH Vive focus and vive focus using latest build of Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise as our editor.



@Tony PH Lin @Cotta

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Hi @razoredge

Thanks for the feedback, many of these settings depends on the applicaiton. Additionally for best performance, both Unity plugins Wave and VIU will prompt you for recommended settings that you can accept or ignore. For the most part these haven't been changing with each Unity release. Please do note if using recent Unity features like ECS or DOTS you many need to change your backend scripting to IL2CPP and .NET to 4.x. (e.g. our latest SRWorks SDK now requires .NET 4.x).

Most of the time following Unity's defaults (and Wave SDK's recommended defaults) should suffice depending on your application's requirements. Unity documentation:here: 

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