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Vive pro eye collected data to be used

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@Sara You can use/license our SRAnipal SDK to gain feature data. If you need deeper hardware access such as access to the actual imagery - you need to license the TobiiXR SDK/Runtime from Tobii. Bear in mind, you need to have privacy policies in place to deal with data from either of the two SDKs.

From the SRAnipal License agreement:

  • This SDK contains software which collects facial images and processes those images into user facial feature data for VIVE Pro Eye or other HTC VR products. Facial feature data includes eye tracking data (such as gaze position, pupil size and eye openness), but not actual images or representations of the face, eyes or lips. Facial feature data but not actual facial images or representations are available to the SDK developer. Information about how this SDK collects and processes facial feature data that the SDK developer can collect and use can be found in the Vive Eye Tracking section of the HTC Learn More page.
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