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Hi @Tima

We only support x64 binaries in our SDK release for Windows due to the following reasons:

  1. Most VR developement tools supports x64 (Unity, Unreal) and are dropping x86 supports.
  2. VR applications usually can benefit from 64 bit advantages.
  3. Our QA process can be simplified.
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Hi @zzy

We currently using leapmotion in our products but not fully satisfied with it.
We would like to give a try to Vive hand Tracking but we can not migrate to x64 right now due to large code base.

Is there any chance to release x32 ?



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Hi @Tima

I've spent some time to check if we can support x86 in our current code base. There are some blockers:

  1. There are currently some dependencies (internal and external) missing x86 support.
  2. Performance of x86 is worse than x64, we need some time for tuning before release. Please note even after tuning, x64 still runs faster than x86.

Based on the current situation, I would expect at least 2-3 months before we can release the x86 version.

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