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SteamVR Crashing


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@XxPROBEATZXD If you PM me your system report - I can give it a look to see if there's anything that stands out. SteamVR system reports only capture certain issues though.

I'd generally recommend cross-posting to the SteamVR forum on the Steam community as SteamVR itself is a Valve ecosystem product: https://steamcommunity.com/app/250820/discussions/ 

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2 hours ago, XxPROBEATZXD said:

Hi whenever i try to load up my steamvr app it loads up but then crashes and says "steamvr fail Oh no steamvr has encountered an unexpected problem" every time does anyone know a solution to fix this?

You may have a corrupt SteamVR file.  Go to your Steam library, right click on your steamvr app, properties/local files tab, and verify files.  

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If you are using a SteamVR beta (right click, properties, beta tab) then try non-beta.  If not, try beta.  Also, maybe try re-plugging all your headset and pc cables (before turning on your pc).  All I can think of.  Maybe try contacting Steam and Vive support.

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