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How to Change Head Location


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How can I temporarily rotate and move the HMD camera by myself in VIU?

I wanted to rotate the HMD's camera when an event occurred, so I rotated the ViveCameraRig, but I couldn't get the correct results.

I referred to Teleport in Examples.
It rotates the x-axis after moving forward, which is not the intended result. I think the cause is the movement of the camera. How can I change the camera transform directly?





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Do you mean you want to rotate camera root around HMD?

public static void RotateAroundHMD(Transform vrOrigin, Transform hmd, Quaternion rot)
    vrOrigin.position = rot * (vrOrigin.position - hmd.position) + hmd.position;
    vrOrigin.rotation = rot * vrOrigin.rotation;

public static void OnSomeRightTurnEventOcurred()
    // Turn right around Y axis for 45 degree
    RotateAroundHMD(vrOrigin, hmd, Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0f, 45f, 0f)));


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