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Black Screen


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I have spent so many frustrating hours trying to get this to work!

- My headset display is black

- My mirror shows the sensors are all working and detecting movement and location

- Green light on my headset

- Im on 64 bit Win10

Things I have tried

- Updating all Vive drivers and firmware

- Updating my GTX 1660 ti drivers

- New high quality/high speed HDMI cable

- Running new HDMI past hub directly to video card

- Im running a basic monitor and a Cintiq. Removing one of them and just running one monitor.

- Trying every other suggestion I can find on the internet.


When I look at my Nvidia control panel I can see my 2 monitors but I dont see the Vive. I dont know if this is normal since I have only looked after my headset stopped working. Please Help

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Hi mate yeah it can be stressful when things don't appear to work.

Try clicking on the Vive symbol at the top of this page (top left) and when it loads at the lower right of the open page you will see "need to contact Vive support?" click on that and follow it through. Also I think in our country (Australia for me) the online chat service opens after 10am and you will see a icon to open a chat if that suits you better though I suggest that you still log a ticket through the first process. I have a Cosmos so your setup is a bit different to mine it's better if you talk to support though check your cables and that Window isn't doing something strange with monitors.

Good luck


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