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Vive SRWorks SDK Release

Tony PH Lin

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Hi developers,

The Vive SRWorks SDK has a new release v0.9.7.1 today. You can download it from here.

For online document template, we will update to latest version soon and you still can refer to files which are along with download packages.

Release Notes:

  1. [Experience Unity] Add DiscoScene in Sample10_HumanCut.
  2. [Fix] If needed to install the newer version msi manually, the older version of msi doesn’t need to be removed first.
  3. Remove Join Beta button code in SRWorks_Runtime.
  4. [Fix] unable to run on AMD graphics card
  5. Adaptive pass through FOV adjustment for various devices.
  6. Add solution to prevent from several crash scenarios
  7. Enable to execute SRWorks runtime without administrator rights but still need administrator rights for installation
  8. Update human detection model. The new model improves the performance when looking down the lower body.
  9. Terminate the SRWorks runtime after the client process crashes
  10. Add HumanCut AI module in Unity Plugin
  11. Add a sample10_HumanCut in Experience Unity
  12. Add a new API: “SetPassThrough4kParameter” to adjust tracked camera of Pass through 4k
  13. In the Experience Unity demo app:
     When initialization error occurs, do not quit the app automatically
     Reduce controller pose latency to better fit the pass through
  14. Fix the following issue
     SRWorks Runtime show wrong SRWorks version after public/beta switch
  15. Unreal plugin: redesign pass through rendering pipeline
  16. To support UE4.24

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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