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Hand Tracking Use in Unity


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你好  @chengnay



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I are using now is another hand, two hands do not match the hierarchy model, I'm using the hand shape is no problem, I will be his camera and scale are set 787436109__20201013155250.thumb.png.721b2e133489b4f9fdeef7312fe470a8.pngto hand,7,7 (7), but the movement of the hand distance or scale (1,1,1) based, so I want to see change the location of the code which can reset hand moving distance.


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No, I tried Transform. Position = result.Points [0] * 7;Transform.position = result.position * 7;

The only way to reset the transform.position movement distance is to multiply the scale in the code, but I don't know where to set it


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