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Eye Data report rate <120 Hz with C++ API

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Hi, I am unable to receive eye data at 120 Hz.

On several Vive Pro Eye headsets I am getting very low data report rates using the C++ SRAnipal API.

Using the C++ sample project included the SRanipal SDK (link), I print out gaze data once every 120 samples.

The data reports at a rate much slower than 120 Hz:

~30Hz when executing ViveSR::anipal::Eye::GetEyeData in a loop

~60Hz when executing callback

My SRanipal runtime and tobii platform information is attached. Vive software and drivers are up to date.





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On 2/24/2021 at 6:16 PM, Tony PH Lin said:

Hi @kaden,

Just revisit your issue, have you got the chance to try the latest SDK and runtime or is the issue still existed on your side?


Hi ,

I have tried the runtime and 1.3.3 SDK,  but still  got same results with kaden(~60Hz when executing callback)



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