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You need a cosmos headset to access this


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Hi all.

After using the Elite faceplate and base stations for a while I thought I'd got back and re-experience the convenience of the base Cosmos I particularly like the Lens as a quick and easy launcher and while I was there I tried to load the Origin environment and it started to load with the usual swirling nebula thing and then a message on the screen saying that you need a cosmos headset to access this (not verbatim but close enough). I tried a few more times over a few days but the same result. I was using the beta version of the software so i just went back to the main steam version and I was able to load it again. I'll see if it happens again just wondering if anyone else had this issue? We should be able to swap faceplates without having to reload different version of the software to get it to load I would think assume 😞


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On 12/2/2020 at 2:22 AM, C.T. said:

Yes, Origin is exclusively for Cosmos now. (inside out tracking only, not the elite version)


Yes you have mentioned this before but thanks but this happened with the original faceplate and controllers (inside out tracking). At the time the Elite faceplate wasn't being used and the base stations were of course off. It was odd so I thought I'd see if anyone else had the same issue. I have resolved it by going back to the main branch (not the beta) and can now access origin again with inside out tracking and also swap between the two face plates with the expected functionality but I might try going back to the beta and see if I get the same issue just out of curiosity. It seems no one else had the issue so maybe just a corrupt file or setting unique to my setup at the time. 

Cheers Fink.

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