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Vive Cosmos Elite Error 201: DisplayPort not working


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So I wanted to use my headset to play but It had an gotten error 201, I then tried to see what was causing said error, so I went into the re-setup area and found out that in said area once I had gotten to the 4th step with setting up the headset it would tell me that the DisplayPort was not having a proper connection towards my computer, I have an msi graphics card so I haven't got a clue how to solve it since everyone else has Nvidia (will show a picture of said graphics card due to me not knowing the model of the thing due to me not being able to find in on their website and me not writing it down when I built the computer) ( think it might have just came with the B450 gaming plus max mother board) but it would be most helpful if anyone could help me figure out this issue, thank you and sorry for needing help in advance and again, Thank you for your help




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I have the RX590 and it seems like lots of people have issues with the older gen AMD cards, I get the same issues. Unfortunately the only way I've found to fix it is a full VR Reset, anything used for VR will be reinstalled, but im back here cause I've reinstalled everything 3 times this year and im over it. So its not permanent but it should get things working again Good luck!

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