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Cosmos Elite headset USB connection not detect.


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Hello, I'm writing a translator. Please understand.
I am a Cosmos Elite user.
The first time I connected it to the computer, the headset lit red.
I got a red light even when I connected to vr.
(The guide did not detect a USB connection.)
A few days later, when I reinstalled the Vive software with Steam,
When I connected to SteamVR, the green light came on, so I played well.
(USB connection was made in the guide.)
Again, a few days later, connect to the console and SteamVR,
The console says 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset is switched off.
The screen was black, and when I moved the headset, it turned white.
I reinstalled and reinstalled the Vive software.
A few days later, the same thing happened.
If you delete Steam and Vive software and reinstall it,
The console says 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset turns off.
(The guide did not detect a USB connection.)
Sometimes error 001 appears on the console.
Restarting will result in 'Connected to SteamVR' and the headset will turn off.
The screen is black and white when you move the headset.

Why isn't USB connection detected?
Is there a problem with the USB port?
Or is it a chipset problem?
Installing the graphics driver does not solve the problem.
Even now, if I check the guide connection, I can't detect the USB connection.

Please, I want to solve it.
Please help me.

(Attached file is a photo that does not detect USB connection in the guide.
I also attached a console photo with the words SteamVR and 'Connected to SteamVR'.)

I'll post a post and go to bed.



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