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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes
Released June 23rd 2021

Vive Console

[Vive Pro 2]

  • Fixed compositor crash issue when launching content (thanks to CaptnYesterday)


Noted: Please avoid using NV driver 471.11 with Cosmos series and VP2, it may cause BSOD.

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Unbelievable. Can we have some input in other threads, like the column mismatch and visible SDE after the firmware update, not counting the other issues?

Apart from horrific visible lines that remind of early 2016 and cv1 I get black screens quite frequently (rtx 3090, 10900k, top end z490 godlike msi, 1600w power supply). Sometimes there is hmd jitter in tracking when knuckles are tracking better.

HMD is hot. I won't even mention lenses again.

This driver is of particular importance as it fixes stuttering and freezes in VR. Is there a timeframe on a fix? What is happening? 

Can we just please have a large post acknowledging these things and some insight in how they will be fixed? Why are you stonewalling us?
Are you good folks waiting on return windows closing?

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These drivers are the absolute worst I've had thus far. The lens never shows up, or, it takes up to 5 minutes to appear (never doing that again). Random flickering and my image seems to rotate diagonally on it's own. Going back to non beta and resetting everything.

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So I have a Vive Pro 2, when using the public software, the ViveVr software with Vive wireless works fine, the headset is detected and I can play. However when I switch to Beta, and this version is installed, The vive wireless detects the connection, however I get the 200 error with the ViveVR stating that the headset could not be found "please connect cable", restart headset ... etc, Is there any fix for this? Or is there something special that needs to be done when switching to beta for the Wireless connection? 

Hardware and Software

Vive Pro2, Alienware R12 with RTX3070, Base Station 2.0, Index Valve Controllers. Windows 10.

Games that Crash on start with current public firmware. Creed rise to glory, The blu. Those games just flat out crash without starting. Had to request refund on those games. Can you guys check?


Morrison Chen

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hah! vive software literally causes bsod. unbelievable. really. you were the largest, best, consumer vr producer. now you're nothing more than some joke to common consumers; merely appealing to corporate rubbish.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Guys since i have the pro2 for a weeks now i v been trying everything, update the headset / re install vive console, etc still the same problem : the headset is making black screens for 2 o 3 sec after 10 or 15 minutes. Always when it starts geting hot. The support did not help ma at all and was completely useless. Any idea before i ask for a refund ?



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