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  1. I changed the 0,28(the size of marker)to 0.28 and worked. Just to know the app is generating with comma
  2. {"marker1":{"id":1,"behavior":2,"size":0,28,"next":{"id":[2],"distance":[8]}},"marker2":{"id":2,"behavior":2,"size":0,28},"marker3":{"id":3,"behavior":2,"size":0,28,"next":{"id":[4],"distance":[8]}},"marker4":{"id":4,"behavior":2,"size":0,28}} this json file is created by the vive aruco generating program. What do you mean and what Do I need to change? The jpg is my room and the aruco markers placements. DRIFT PREVENTION (1 with additional marker 2 distance 8m) (3 with addition marker 4 distance 8m) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  3. Vive manager app , create map , select marker When I load the file, it comes with an error Aruco invalid please select valid aruco. Thank you. markers_list.json
  4. The button to select the file is now appeared on the menu on Vive manager.(needed to check it first from the LBE console). My problem is when i load the file, it comes with an error Aruco invalid please select valid aruco. Thank you.
  5. There is no tab to select the file on Vive manager. I have created the map but no button to load the file.
  6. When creating the markers there are also 2 json files named marker_list.json and marker_list_escape.json What file should I upload when creating the map on Vive Focus with Vive manager? Thank you.
    1. εscape


      Access to the Aruco code generator?


      3 days w8ing?

      Why Do We need access to this file and is not free?

    2. εscape


      Thank you for the access.

  7. Did you f ind solution in this.I am on same problems and the only option i found was to use 4 ap of each pc.
  8. What is the code(or what do I have to do) for the enterprise features to unlock in vive management? Is this the only way to create map for the my 4 headsets that I want to use for free roaming 6x6 square meters room? Thank you.
  9. Access point TP-LINK EAP 670 WIFI 6. Switch TP-LINK-SG108-M2 2.5 GBPS.(tried another switch but same situation) Everything is connected 2.5gpbs and checked (cat 6 cable) No manage on AP or switch only the 4 headset are connected. Headsets connected on 5ghz freq. Tried channels width 40,80,160. Wireless mode 802.11a/n/ac/ax mixed. Tried 2 seperate AP and connected 2 computers on each one, there were improvement but not perfect till I chop bit rate to 30-40 and quality on balance and lower.(Business streaming settings).
  10. I have 2.5gbps switch and Tp link EAP 670 6 wifi access point. When I use 2 vives I can play almost flawless with little crack on sound but if 3rd connects everything lags and is unplayable. Using 4 computers for each headset (I5 10600, 16 gb ram, ssd, and RTX 3060). Using Vive business streaming app and also tried different combination with bitrate or graphics setting. The CPU on 40-50% and GPU on 70-80%(no bottleneck) Changed also the resolution on steam Vr but no luck. Suggestions? Thank you.
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