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Unity App not found in focus3 library after install


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I can't found my app in my focus library, but it's package can be found by using adb command.

It was prefectlly working before, but since i swtich the platform to oculus and switch back to WaveVR, it can't work anymore. (oculus platform still working)

Did i miss anything to setting?

And here is my project settings and packages.






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@12345678912345678912345678 To make your project controlled by hand, you can do the following,

1. You need to modify your AndroidManifest.xml,

Either use the method provided by Wave XR Plugin, or manually add below line,

<uses-feature android:name="wave.feature.handtracking" android:required="true" />

2. Ensure you edit the settings in VRModuleSettings,



Currently, we only support Hands + Controllers, no Hands Only mode.

Let me know if you still have issue to enable hand tracking for your project.

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