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VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.152 – Release Notes


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VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.152 – Release Notes
Released August 18th 2021 

 What’s new

  • Added a quit content button in the VIVE menu
  • Added functionality to quickly re-center the Library and dashboard when they’re out of bound
  • Added USB Media Transfer Protocol support for both PC and Mac
    *Mac users will need to install the Android File Transfer tool first.
  • File browser now supports file transfer between external storage and internal storage, as well as viewing of screenshots, and playback of screen recordings directly from Settings > Storage > Capture
  • Added USB On The Go support for external storage devices

 Enhancements and Fixes

  • Improved controller tracking and optimized performance when controllers are close to the sides of the headset
  • Fixed an issue where controller sometimes could not reconnect during headset setup after factory reset
  • Fixed an issue where screen recording time wasn’t displaying correctly 
  • Fixed an issue where casted screen appeared upside down briefly while switching between apps
  • Fixed an issue where charging indicator showed incorrect status when the power adapter was unplugged

 Updates in Wave SDK 4.1.1 (for developers)

  • Supported 2-stage pipeline
  • Set render thread to low when display is off 
  • Added new button animation for touch/press/trigger events 
  • Added a new API to set screen protection
  • [Overlay] Allow developers to show pass-through underlying scene in Mixed Reality applications
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On 8/18/2021 at 6:24 PM, C.T. said:

Added USB Media Transfer Protocol support for both PC and Mac

This is awesome, much easier to be able to just plug it in and copy stuff over.

On 8/18/2021 at 6:24 PM, C.T. said:

Fixed an issue where charging indicator showed incorrect status when the power adapter was unplugged

Can confirm this works - mine was saying charging when not plugged in

On 8/18/2021 at 6:24 PM, C.T. said:

Added a quit content button in the VIVE menu

Love this - it was weird having to select yes to close a previous app or whatever when I just wanted to exit the app.

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Hi !

From my side overall stability from the system is getting worse at each system update (I made the update yesterday) :

--> By starting the headset today and just after configuring the zone, the headset shut down without any reason. I restarted it, same issue. Only by the 3rd start it was OK. No issue then any more.

--> Wifi sometimes now takes more than 10 seconds to connect.

--> Connection is still not stable, showing big changes in the bandwith for no reason (I'm standing 2m far from my router)

--> While connecting to VIVE Business Streaming (over Wifi 5), now I get glitches and big latency by controllers even before starting steam or any application (no mirroring on PC screen).


I'm very excited about new features you bring at each end of sprint. Nevertheless for my use cases and developments the Focus 3 is in average becoming less and less usable. Time sensitive applications are out of scope now. Even just playing Beat Saber is not possible more than 10 seconds.


Thanks for the tutorial on how to report issues though.... Issues are reported there too (note that the Focus 3 is not in the report list...).

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ah, Sorry to hear that your issues is still there after firmware update. It's best to follow Focus 3 or VBStreaming issue report separately as Focus 3 can submit issues directly from inside the HMD, and VBS sometimes is complicated when PC and Wi-Fi environment are involved. 

Your experience sounded very awkward to me, let me discuss internally on how to identify your issues and hopefully get it back on the good hand. 

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Sorry to post again here... Support is not a way to go, it takes two days to get an answer and it's not helping at all. That's a shame, by buying a Focus 3 VIVE promises a professional support and service included in the price... The result doesn't match the expectation yet.

Quick question : do you get any feedback from the support ?


I reported 4 issues 5 days ago through the support channels :

  • 3 over the VBS Streaming support --> Didn't get any answer yet from there
  • 1 over the Focus 3 reporting --> Support is very slow and leads only to obvious solutions ("Wifi not working any more ? Buy a USB cable"😳). It's also not very easy to write a proper description of the issue in the headset (keyboard with controller...).


I'm willing to take time to make some tests or provide you some better feedback if you need. you can get my email from your support system (Ticket: 50325640)

At the end it's only required to identify where the lag is happening, following the trail :

VBS Application --> Focus 3 System --> Focus 3 Wifi Firmware --> Wifi Router --> PC Ethernet controller --> VBS Server --> Steam VR

From my tests for the moment I get :

  • Steam VR = OK / VBS Server = should be OK as it worked before / PC Ethernet controller = OK / Wifi Router = OK
  • Focus 3 Wifi Firmware = Maybe the issue, as it started with a firmware update. The VBS server shows that the connection jumps very fast from excellent to very poor, showing some errors sometimes. Nevertheless I'm not completely sure the issue is there as sometimes the connection is shown as "excellent" but the streaming has terrible lag. And sometimes the connection is shown as "very poor" but the lag and glitches are not much worse.
  • Focus 3 System = Can be also the issue, as new stability errors appeared with the latest firmware (black screen, strange restarts without reason, infinite loading loop). The connection problem can be linked with these issues as well
  • VBS Application = could also be the issue as the VBS application usually gets an update the same day or the day after the firmware update. The VBS client on the Focus 3 is generally pretty buggy: 20% of the time it crashes before accessing the selection of the server, while loading Steam VR the application gets stuck in an infinite loop, or sometimes the Focus 3 only shows a black screen or a loading loop, but Steam VR gets all sensor and controller information (you can do things, but you don't see anything).

Personally I tend to believe that the VBS client maybe overloads the Focus 3 leading to the lags. Is it unstable because of an overall system instability or just the App, I don't know. I've ordered the USB cable to compare, it will give more information about the issue. If it lags with the cable, it's somewhere at the application level. If it doesn't lag, then it's a Wifi problem. If I don't get soon acceptable results I will need to send back the headset as it's for me like defect now.

Anyway it's a real shame. the VIVE products are generally very reliable. I has been a lot of fun using it in July, it was really a good product. Now it's been a month where I don't have fun anymore. 😞

Any idea how to get back to the original situation is welcome.

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It's out of our expectation for your issue, please follow below steps to see if it works better.
1. Go into network tab -> Wi-Fi -> saved Wi-Fi, and located your SSID.
2. use "forget" to clear your saved SSID.
3. reconnect to your designated Wi-Fi again
4. under advance tab, please scroll down to Privacy section.
5. select Use Device MAC, instead of the randomized one. 


let me know how it goes, Thanks

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Hi C.T.


I ran some tests today using your workaround. 15 Minutes without any major lag, this is a pretty good performance. I didn't notice any issue at all, it makes a giant difference ! Now the headset is usable again with WiFi.

Just for your info, I ran some tests with the cable yesterday as well. Everything is perfect there too, meaning the issue must have been on the Wifi level. Cable is a good alternative, but unfortunately too heavy and too short for my usage...


You can enjoy your weekend knowing you made a customer happy :-)


Thanks for the great support !

I'll go on giving you feedback if I notice anything in the next days.


Have a good weekend :-)

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