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Direct Preview - Connecting... forever


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Good Afternoon,


I am trying to setup direct preview on my Focus 3 headset. I  have successfully (I believe) installed the Device APK and started the server. When following the steps on the direct preview guide page, the server begins to respond to headset packets, and when started remotely, the headset can control the camera rotation & position within Unity. The problem is that the Connecting... text never goes away and there is no streaming from Unity to the headset. I've tested this in a variety of configurations/plugged-in/etc and have been receiving the same results. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Headset - Focus 3
Wave SDK - 4.11 
We are attempting to use Hand tracking also if that helps


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Hi @jwatson

Did you ever resolve this issue?
We are experiencing something similar in our environment.

Unity 2020.3.13f1,
URP not enabled,
Focus 3 device,
Wave SDK 4.11.

Connecting to the headset using adb over wifi, the headset just shows "Connecting...", but all the pose data seems to stream fine to the Unity Editor.

We aren't using hand tracking or bluetooth, currently.

Logcat does output the following error once dpServer is receiving data, and you start the unity scene:

`09-30 12:17:04.509 27438 27438 W VRCORE Decorator: RuntimeException: com.htc.vr.directpreview.agent.unity version is not compatible. client:3.99.46 server: 4.1.2-u06`

But I'm not sure if it's related to the issue.

EDIT: Attached the logs from the Focus3 Device, these were taken over the course of this morning, so include multiple sessions.


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Hi @Tony PH Lin,

DirectPreview does not work.

Neither in USB nor WiFi mode. The connection just times out. What is your setup to make this work ?

Also, could you explain how to use VBS ? Because it only shows the basic SteamVR layout in the headset, but does nothing when Unity enters Play Mode.


Thank you.


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