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My repair


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Hello @C.T.

My headset has been returned for a second time for the vertical scan lines with head movement issue and the static noise from the headphones as the repair team kindly told me it will be repaired this time.

I would like to have some updates on this when it arrives to you please :

Repair ticket number: 321398250000016

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Hello guys,


I was very busy these last weeks at my work and had no time to test my repaired VP2. Like you Gamedrix, I sent it two times for repair. The first time, they did not do anything but the second time, they changed the panels.

My first impressions is that it is better but these vertical lines have not completely disappeared. I still see them, unfortunately. So far, that bother me less but that could be a placebo effect. I have to check that in my games.

Therefore, I decided to keep the headset but this is not completely satisfying for me. I still hope they will include a software correction in one of the next Vive Console Software releases.


Best regards,




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