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Disable headset sleep/standby


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Hey All,


Driver 388.71, Steam Client beta, Steam VR beta seem to be the magic.


Even after steam vr uninstall, config changes, driver reinstalls, different versions of drivers, usb driver uninstall/reinstall, unplugging everything, setting display sleep settings, config review, log review, the only combo that seemed to work was 388.71, Steam Beta and SteamVR beta.


Thank you,

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Previous work around no go. But this last one (betas and 188 driver) seems to be working at least after one night which usally strikes up the bug.

Down side of course being now some newer games are unplayable due to video drivers being old.

Will continue to see how it effects on my system though.


seems like we have a winner.. now to bug Nvidia about it!




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Hello All,


I have confirmed that upgrading to any version beyond the 388.71 will cause the issue to come back within a day.  I had 2 weeks of success with 388.71 and chose to upgrade the video drivers to the latest 391.01 and within a day I had problems with the screen going blank.  I have since down graded to 388.71.


Thank you!

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Looks like nvidia released new drivers to address the issue.


•[HTC Vive][Oculus Rift]: The VR headset stops working after several launches of the application or after resume from system Hibernate mode. [200395208/2048746]


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