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Vive Console and Steam VR - Never play well together for me


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I have been running the Beta of Vive Console since getting my Vive Pro 2 back in June. I also run the Beta of Steam VR. One thing that has always annoyed me is they just never play well together for me. I am sure I am not the only one.  It is not a game breaking thing just a minor annoyance.

For instance after a gaming session when I close the Vive Console software, 90 % of the time Steam VR does not exit cleanly but gives me a Steam has encountered a critical error message, and I have to click OK to cancel out of it. Alternatively, if I try closing Steam VR first before Vive Console, well it just hangs there for a few minutes before it lets go of it and closes. Which is a bigger pain.

I would love to see these two applications play along with each other better. Not sure who the fault lies with , but it sure gets old.

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5 hours ago, C.T. said:

What are the SteamVR versions you used??

Hello, here I have the same issue since day one ... with ALL the version of SteamVR (Bêta or not, actually I am with the latest bêta and always that issue, no way to close proper)

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I'm the same, its as if the shitty vive software is breaking Steam VR. I always thought waiting long enough there would be a fix for this headset but there isn't a fix in sight and never will be! I'll never buy something on pre order again and I'll never buy HTshit, I mean HTC again...

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Well to be clear on my end it is mainly an annoyance rather than a big problem.  I have been very pleased with my Vive Pro 2 and the improvements made in the Motion Compensation with the latest Beta have been quite significant.

But it would be nice if both Vive Console and Steam VR could work together to exit cleanly when closing the application.

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