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Vive Pro 2 possible going bad


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Starting to have an issue of late with my Vive Pro 2. Getting to where when I launch into a game the image is a stuttering shaky mess.

Starting to do this on more than one game as well. It will be fine and then all of a sudden this will start. Mainly in the menus in the game. After exiting the game the Steam VR image will be stuttery and shaky for a few moments and then clear up. Go back into a game and boom it is doing it again. 

Have done a few uninstalls and wiping all files and clean installs, helps for a time or two then right back to doing this again. Anyone else ever see this? Tracking with my Lighthouse  2.0 shows solid and green.  Is my headset going bad??

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Ok so I have now heard back from support. Lots of things they want me to check and respond to which I will do. Many I have already done except I guess creating some logs they have asked for.  Index still running beautifully so pretty sure can rule out my Lighthouse 2.0 tracking being the problem.

Also to double check I turned the Index off and turned the Vive Pro 2 back on, stuttering and shaking returned. Back to Index, all good again.


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Ok have now replied on my support ticket with all requested information.

Will advise when I hear back from support. Index ran beautifully all day with the same Lighthouse 2.0 Tracking system, so it is definitely specific to the Vive Pro 2 headset.

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Heard back from support asking for a little more info and for me to do a couple of more tests, have now done and submitted that info to them.

I think they are leaning toward a possible bad cable, will see what they come back with.


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Now have heard from a different support person, asking me to uninstall and reinstall Steam VR and Vive Console.

I advised I already tried that on three separate occasions with same results. And reminded with the same Steam software my Index runs great with no issues at all and same tracking system. IMHO problem lies with either the headset or the cable. I am willing to try anything they ask me to rule everything else out but I have already been down this road too many times over the last couple of weeks trying to troubleshoot this.

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