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The position of hands tracked by Vive Hand Tracking SDK don't macth Vive tracker position.


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I want use both Vive Hand Tracking SDK and Vive Tracker in my project.When I imporeted all tools,I found that the tracked hands position don't match the vive tracker position.When I graphed the tracker in the real world,the virtual hand model was a little back on the tracker model.With more test,I found that my hands in the virtual world was a little far than my real hands.But when my hands was very near to the Vive HDM Camera,those two pose was matched.Could you tell me the problem is caused by the SDK or my wrong operator?  

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I have noticed the same issue using an HTC Vive Pro as well, there is a noticeable offset between my real hand and the tracked position returned by the hand tracker. The hand seems far from the real position.

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