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2 htc vive in same place

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Thanks. I have the computers and ran 2 vive originals with some success in the play area. Was hoping the vive pro would allow for bigger area as I was hamstrung by the distance between the two base stations with the original. Think I got 6.5m. However before I buy two pros I wanted to see were they at intro level or smooth?

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It would be really nice to know how to set this up. I'm planning to use 2 VIVEs in one room around 7x3.5 meters.

It seems that 2 base stations won't be enough, but using 3 seems to cause issues. Not sure how to approach this, but I saw that this was working in some places so looks like it's totally possible.

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I may have missed it as I read through the thread and I apologize if I am reasking the question.

I have an original Vive and its equipment (came as a set)
I just purchased a Vive Pro and its equipment (same - in a set with lighthouses)
I added the cordless components when I purchased the Pro
I have a computer running 2x1080TI GPUs, an i9 processor, 64 gigs of RAM, and 1200 watts power

1) Can I run both the Vive and the Vive Pro in the same game environment (if the game supports multiplayer)?
2) Assuming my computer is powerful enough - can I run them both on the same system (original and Pro headsets with controllers) ?
3) I would like to run a 20x20 room with both - can I use all 4 lighthouses (2 original and 2 Pro)?


Thank you!

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  • Sorta. Semantics get confusing here. There are two ways to share a space. You can take a pair of lighthouses and virtually subdivide the space the cover into individual play spaces - that's something that's 100% supported. You can drive numerous HMD's and controllers off a single basestation pair, 
    • Co-located VR is extremely tricky with SteamVR right now. Co-located VR is when the two HMDs have the exact same playspace and can see each other 1:1. Only a handful of consumer builds support co-location (i.e. HordeZ) and thus there's zero reason to attempt a co-located space unless you're a developer. 
  • Technically yes but in reality, not easily. You'd need a server grade motherboard as well as VM tool. You'd take your VM tool and create 2 Windows instances and dedicate one of the GPUs and at least 1 USB port to each of the HMDs.
    • Realistically, this is a nightmare to setup and maintain. It's far cheaper, easier, and robust to use 2 PC's than trying to hack a VR sever together in VM. You could easily spend a few dozen hours trying to make this work and not have much luck.
    • I can't really emphasize that you should not attempt this unless you're already skilled with VM or are willing to put a decent amount of time in trying to make it work.
  • Note that you don't really see a perf boost in VR from having 2 GPUs; virtually every VR app is coded to run off a single GPU and SLI support is extremely rare.
  • You cannot run SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0 basestations in the same area as one another; they'll interfere with each other. The two generations basestations need to be physically isolated from each other as they are both fundamentally outputting the same IR frequencies. 
    • You can power the Vive and Vive Pro off the 1.0 stations in the same line of sight of each other; the 2.0 stations will only be visible to the Vive Pro. If you try to power both pairs of lighthouses at the same time, they will crowd out the IR spectrum.
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Thank you! This is great!

I really appreciate the detail and while I am a developer, I am far from a Virtual Machine expert. This will save a lot a time and headaches for me.


Thanks again,


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