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2 htc vive in same place

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Hello, so glad I found your post. I am a school teacher trying todo just what you described. All the Vive gear is in boxes at the moment as I install the PCs and now I am really concerned I may have overlooked the fact the base stations are going to prevent it from working. I have 20 student seats, 5-6ft apart, and was thinking I would have one base station mounted behind and above each monitor and we can do seated games with each student linked to their own base station. Now I am reading that 2 base stations can connect to multiple headsets running SteamVr on each computer separately but the problem is I have 20 students and not all facing the same direction and I am going to need more than 2 base stations to capture all the headsets as the room is 13m x13m. 


Did you get it set up and working, and if so, can you share details of the configuration? Hoping  I didn't drop 45K and it not work. 


Or am I force to hang curtains all over the room- wow, this could turn out bad.

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  • You can have multiple headsets using data from a single pair of basestations. Each PC needs it's own
  • If you're using 1.0 basestations - you cannot have more than 2 in a single room.
  • You cannot have 1.0 and 2.0 basestations in the same room together.
  • The original vive cannot work off 2.0 basestations. If you swap to 2.0 stations - your original vive will be invisible to their signals. The Index and Vive can both work off 1.0 basestations.
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