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Can't Install Vive Desktop App


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I had a similar issue. Unfortunately, the installer will not always show errors when it cannot install the Viveport Desktop app.

Here's what helped me:

  1. Manually started (with admin rights) the Desktop app installer ViveportDesktopSetup- from folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ViveSetup\Updater\App\PCClient .
  2. Looked up up the error code in the installation log file %temp%\VIVEPORT_Desktop_xxx.log (xxx is installation start timestamp).

The installer had an issue with C:\ProgramData\Package Cache which could be solved. (Microsoft Visual Studio installers provide a --nocache switch for this type of issue.)

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Same issue here, and when I try to reinstall, it shows that there is only a 7MB download missing (presumably the desktop app). When I want to install that, I get a large dialog saying "Couldn't download Vive software - Something went wrong while downloading the software for Vive." This only happens for the vive desktop software which I apparently need to get into Viveport. I too have not been able to ever have this successfully work, which is a bummer.

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Same issue here, I think this desktop app is supposed to be installed in the background, maybe one of those black windows that pop-up when you run the main installer.


I've been trying to manually install it from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ViveSetup\Updater\App\PCClient


But it fails every time I try, one time it said account already exists, now it just fails.

I've removed all vive software and re-installed about 5 times now.

I'm just going to stick with SteamVR as it seems to run without issue.



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I can't install the Vive Desktop app either. When I attempt to do so I get the following errors and problems:

If I manually locate the missing msi file, I get the message above that it's invalid. When I cancel out, it refers me to the website (error 1603) that is of no assistance.

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