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Can't Install Vive Desktop App


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By using the special uninstall tool by Microsoft, I was able to remove all the Vive (failed) install items and reinstall Viveport and now things are working properly.


I'm still having slight tracking issues with the Vive Pro, my controllers jump a bit at times or fly out of my hands. I'm still trying to reduce reflective surfaces, but I suspect it's not just that alone that's causing it.

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Thanks a lot, this tool fixed my issues with missing *.msi. The installer tries to deinstall old versions, but failed to do so: There were still residues of old installations (Desktop + Diagnose) , but no matching (un)installation msi left.

After using the tool to cleanly deinstall these remains, I also had to manually remove the Viveport Desktop Service using SC.exe in the commandline as administrator (sc delete ViveportDesktopService).


Hope this helps someone :)


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I had the "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable" install problem after my pc crashed during the last Viveport update. Going into regedit and deleting all references to Viveport Desktop solved the problem.

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Hello, It seems that I'm this issue as well.  I was able to download the setup from the link provided on the instructions www.vive.com/setup but when I go to run the setup it does this.

First Time (I believe)



then closes without install the software.

Run it again.

Checking versions


then closes again.

It never prompts me to the next steps for setup, what can I do the resolve this? 

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