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Unity APKs install but won't play on Vive Focus 3 - no issues for same VR app on Quest 2 and Pico Neo 3


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I design and develop VR Training apps for the Health sector in the UK and have developed a test version of a new app using the XR Interaction Toolkit using Unity 2020.3.25f1 LTS which I can build and run on both Quest2 and Pico Neo 3 VR headsets without any problem. However after following all of the documented Vive instructions - installing the Vive Wave XR Plug-in with recomended Player settings, the resulting APK installed following the https://business.vive.com/uk/support/focus3/category_howto/installing-apk-on-headset.html instructions, the VR app just shows as a black landscape block and then a portrait transparent block with the Exit/Close X on the bottom. Also happens for a simple scene with just a camera and cube in. I was hoping to run a comparision on the new app across the three headsets and it will be a shame if I can only do with the Quest 2 and Pico Neo 3 headsets for which the VR app runs really well, there are much more detailed and simpler instructions  and I experienced no issues.

Here are screengrabs showing the issue and Unity settings.











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Hi Chengnay. Thanks for the suggestion. Deleting the AndroidManifest.xml now installs apps into my library but shows a fixed view animated image with a fixed white 'beam' that doesn't change when I move my head or show the controllers.


I have my Oculus headset attached and set up for checking in on PC in Play mode and it works fine when I run the scene with this. Note that Oculus is not selected in the Android settings for XR Plug-in Management.

Same issue occurs in this simple test scene with just a cube and XR Rig.


When I test it with my Rift in Play mode on the PC I can move my head and the view changes correctly. When I build the scene and install it on the Vive Focus 3, I get the same fixed view issue with a 'beam'.


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Thanks Chengnay. I understood that Vive Wave was now compatible with the Unity XR Plugin Management and the XR Interaction Toolkit, but it looks like the new action-based rig doesn’t work properly on the Vive Focus. I was hoping to create a project that I could deploy easily across different stand alone headsets, but this doesn't now appear to be possible for the Vive Focus 3. I need to press on now with the design and development of the app and will stick to building for just the Quest and Pico Neo 3 for now. Thanks for your help on this.

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@nickmoseley  I had this same issue but figured it out using this thread. Had to make a script called WaveDeviceLayouts.cs found in that thread and then add the input action for position/rotation of the controllers/HMD. Also had to use the unity specific TrackedPoseDriver


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@chengnay "Could you try delete the AndroidManifest.xml file under Assets\Plugins\Android folder and try again?"

What happens if I delete the AndroidManifest.xml file? Will it automatically generate the file somewhere else? I deleted it, and it worked, but I don't see the AndroidManifest.xml file anymore.

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