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Business Streaming Hand Tracking in UE4


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Hi all,

I'm really eager to get hand tracking data through to UE4.27 from Focus 3 via the new business streaming update but I'm having some challenges.  I've got the latest client and server VBS software and have enabled hand tracking in the VBS settings.  It seems to be working to some degree as the vive home area renders controllers at my wrist positions. 

However, if I try to get access to finger data in UE4 either via OpenXR (GetMotionControllerData) or via Steam Input (GetSkeletalTransform) I get no finger data.  As far as I can tell it thinks my hands are controllers.

Does anyone have any tips?



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Hi @C.T.

Just tried this and the app loads successfully but I don't see tracked hands.  I'm using Focus 3 connected wirelessly via the latest Vive Business Streaming app with Hand Tracking enabled.  If it helps, I don't see tracked hands in the vive home screen either, I just see controller models tracked to my wrists.  It looks like the data is there but steamVR isn't recognising hands.  Thanks so much for working with the team on this, we're very eager to get this working in our project.



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@danwrongfew things I would suggest to try first is to keep everything up to date, such as Focus 3 firmware 3.0.999.418, VBS client updated via VBAS , VBS console 1.7.6a on desktop.

but seems you did not see hand tracking under vive home, I supposed you meant the environment inside Focus3? You will need to enable that first inside setting -> connectivity. 

let me know if that helped or I can check if there's anything else you were missing here

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@C.T. All my software versions are up to date.

Apologies, though, I was unclear on the other part.  Hand tracking is working in the focus environment and is enabled in VBS.  In the steamVR home environment once I'm streaming from steamVR via VBS I can see my wrist positions represented as controller models but in the example app I see no hands at all.  Thanks!

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