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Packaging from Unreal Engine 4.27 to Focus 3 OpenXR


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Hi, it's been very nice to see the OpenXR support launch to beta.

I applied and got the beta update on my Focus 3, and I've been trying to get my Unreal project run on the device.

I've made a successful build in UE and transfered and installed it on the headset, but it launches as a 2D application and complains about OBB and Play Store things. What am I missing?

  • I have disabled all other VR related plugins but the Vive OpenXR  and the native OpenXR ones
  • I have start in VR ticked
  • JDK version is 1.8.0_242



Aapo M.

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Just now, Tony PH Lin said:

Hi @aapeli,

We're preparing UE 4.27 support for OpenXR and upload shortly.

Maybe you can try again based on the latest version to see if it's working.


I'm very glad to hear that, I was suspecting the OpenXR plugin didn't support Focus 3 yet, but thought it's worth asking. I'll try it as soon as I can!

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