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Upcoming Changes for VIVE Sense

Vivi Wu

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Hi developers,


We have been working on and keep updating OpenXR regarding Hand Tracking, Eye and Facial tracking and Scene Understanding extensions, so we welcome you to join OpenXR for development.

For VIVE Sense we won’t be releasing any new versions.

However, you’ll still be able to run the original apps (which are created by VIVE Sense plugin) on the VIVE devices as usual. And please send us your feedbacks if you still have further questions.

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@Vivi WuHi, I want to add hand tracking functionality to our application for Focus3 (standalone, not VBS).

It seems I should now use OpenXR for this, but I can't find any info in documentation about it regarding mobile apps, only for PC VR.

Is  OpenXR for mobile supports hand tracking for Focus3 mobile apps? Is it the same using patterns as for PCVR?

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