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Topic on Vive right lens artifacting moderator hidding comments??


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I attempted to reply top my own topic regarding the Vive Pro 2 right LCD lens artifacting which is here:

I attempted to reply saying that after 24 hours thinking resetting the firmware had fixed the issue, the issue is back and can no longer be fixed by a firmeware reset. I also resubbmitted a ticket to Vive support with links to this thread and a reddit thread showing a multiplicity of VP2 owners having this same issue in the right lens and all very recently for some reason.

Any reply I try to make in that topic here is now hidden for some reason.

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I'm going to lost this on the other topic as well.

Was preparing to ship it back to Vive again, RMA process ready to roll and all but I decided to try one last thing. Although resetting the firmware several times failed to work today like it did yesterday I didn't try reinstalling Nvidia drivers. So I reinstalled the latest Nvidia drivers. 522.25, then rebooted and now the right eye issue is gone again. Playing smooth at Extreme 120 setting with no tearing.


So I'm at a loss. I'm happy either the driver reinstall or system reboot fixes the issue st least temporarily.  I don't know what the catalyst is to trigger the error but I suspect a driver crash or BSOD from somthing unrelated may corrupt the Nvidia drivers.

Anyways Im going to run it a few more days. If the right screen tearing reappears I'll troubleshoot with reboot, followed by driver reinstall then failing that force firmware update on the Vive Pro 2.

If the issue persists beyond that I may send it back.

I'd encourage any other VP2 owners with this issue to test these 3 things and see if it fixes your issue even temporarily.

If not for anything else to help others who land on this thread.


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