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[Tutorial] OpenXR PC VR : How to use VIVE Tracker

Vivi Wu

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4 minutes ago, AEntropy said:

I tested what you suggested, installing VIU and running the UGUI scene, but running this makes no sense as it is a scene meant to work with Controllers, not with Trackers. The tracker doesn't show up, but it works with controller, so this doesn't help.

Hi @AEntropy,

Tracker model doesn't show up?

Is it because your setup is OpenXR?

Could you take a screenshot of your project settings(XR Plug-in Management)?

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20 hours ago, VIVE_chengnay said:

Hi @AEntropy,

I think I found the post that you mentioned which was written by someone.

After looking into the code, it looks quite the same as what HTCX documented.


Unfortunately, there is no script that can be downloaded.

Did you try this script yet?

Yes, this is what we have been working with.

We need someone, preferably someone at HTC Vive who understands the Actions system and Unity's new Input System to go in and make this script work with all the Actions described in the Khronos OpenXR standards. It sounds like you don't have much knowledge on how that works, so you may need to contact someone who works directly on that. I am guessing likely someone working on the newer Vive Self Tracker is making it work with OpenXR, so they may have some Tracker Profile already created for that, that may have some Actions implemented. Maybe Dario has some knowledge.

Here are the Actions outlined in the OpenXR Standards:

Out of those Actions, only the "/input/grip/pose" Action works for some reason. I haven't been able to get any of the other Actions working. So, if we can get someone to get those working, that'd solve the problem.

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