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Focus 3 Eye Tracker - Pupil Diameter Support

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I am currently validating the Eye Tracker hardware for the Focus 3 with a Unity application, accessing the Eye Tracking API within the Wave Unity SDK (API reference). 

The application is successfully able to access real-time eye tracking data for both eyes. Specifically valid data is collected for:

  • Eye Origin
  • Eye Direction
  • Eye Openness (binary? 0 - closed, 1 - open)
  • Pupil Diameter
  • Pupil Position

Most of the returned values change dynamically and behave as expected, however the returned value from the call 

GetRightEyePupilDiameter(diameter)  // or GetLeftEyePupilDiameter

is always a constant value (4.0). This value stays the same regardless of the light exposed to the eye (via scene brightness). This leads me to believe that pupil diameter might not be currently supported by the API using the hardware as configured.

Therefore my question is: Is pupil diameter currently supported by the Wave Unity SDK with the Focus 3 and Eye Tracker hardware?


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