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Focus 3 Eye Tracker - Pupil Diameter Support

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I am currently validating the Eye Tracker hardware for the Focus 3 with a Unity application, accessing the Eye Tracking API within the Wave Unity SDK (API reference). 

The application is successfully able to access real-time eye tracking data for both eyes. Specifically valid data is collected for:

  • Eye Origin
  • Eye Direction
  • Eye Openness (binary? 0 - closed, 1 - open)
  • Pupil Diameter
  • Pupil Position

Most of the returned values change dynamically and behave as expected, however the returned value from the call 

GetRightEyePupilDiameter(diameter)  // or GetLeftEyePupilDiameter

is always a constant value (4.0). This value stays the same regardless of the light exposed to the eye (via scene brightness). This leads me to believe that pupil diameter might not be currently supported by the API using the hardware as configured.

Therefore my question is: Is pupil diameter currently supported by the Wave Unity SDK with the Focus 3 and Eye Tracker hardware?


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We are trying to get to the point where we can read data from the eye-tracker (and as such cannot necessarily help with the constant value issue), but have been unable to pull data from the eye-tracker in any meaningful way.

Would you be able to tell us how you got your setup working with (presumably) Unity? We are trying to set up the DirectPreview but cannot connect it through wifi (cabled works, but we cannot use the cabled connection with the eyetracker at the same time since they use the same usb-c port).


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Hi @nreimens.ttt

I am really interested in a more detailed description on how you get Eye Tracking data out from Unity when using the Focus 3!

My main goal is to collect Eye Tracking data on a 360-degree video to get an understanding of where participants are looking at a specific view-out.
I have been trying for hours and hours to get the Eye-Tracking working with Unity, but none of the tutorials regarding VIVE Wave or OpenXR works. iMotions and Tobii software are not working with the HTC VIVE Focus 3 .

Best Regards,

Louis H

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Hey @nreimens.ttt

Were you able to receive any pupil diameter data from the Vive Focus 3? 

I noticed that even though Gaze data is easily accesible, anything related to pupil data is not working very well and even though it updates dynamically, it always gives incorrect values.

Best regards,


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Hi @nreimens.ttt

I'm also curious whether and how you resolved the issue.

I am considering Focus 3 Eye Tracker for research purposes and I wanted to get a sense of how reliable and convenient its data output is. I would really appreciate you (or anyone) sharing insights and experiences about this matter. Thanks in advance!

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