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Vive Business Streaming 1.10.4 - Public release notes


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VIVE Business Streaming Software - 1.10.4 - Release notes

Released January 13th, 2023

Release Highlights
Visual boost with Ultra mode

We are exciting to introduce the new “Ultra” mode in VBS 1.10.4 to bring higher visual quality to PC streaming. The overall visual quality is improved in scene details and especially text readability. Content render resolution is raised to 3072x3072 per eye, and we also optimize the whole texture path to minimized visual lost from PC to headset. Under the same bitrate setting, Ultra mode will deliver better visual experience. With higher render resolution, more PC GPU loading is expected with Ultra mode not necessarily with more network bandwidth. User can manually enable Ultra mode according to his computer power and content type to meet his requirement.

Detail Change List 
VIVE Business Streaming console  - 1.10.4 

  • Introducing the New “Ultra” mode for Graphics settings. 
    Now you will be able to enjoy higher visual experience with powerful computer.
  • Improved on hand tracking latency. (Focus 3 5.0.999.628 or newer is required.)
  • Fixed left/right eye gaze data is the same for SRanipal contents.
  • Fixed a bug that controller do not initialized correctly controller has chance to be incorrectly initialized at SteamVR.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause some users fail to open SteamVR Dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug which may cause log collection failure.
  • Added FAQ and Forum support link in Console > Settings > About.

 VIVE Business Streaming app -

  • Now display VIVE Business Streaming server name and IP when connected over Wi-Fi.
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Ghost - This was the response from HTC support regarding the FPS value, just as an fyi:

VBS running at 120hz the server capture and relay rate would be higher on the PC side which would cause FPS counters ran on the PC to show 120hz. The display on the Focus 3 though is capped at 90hz. Would just the capture and relay of the data as 120hz be beneficial still for the competitive gaming side of the equation if the display isn't fully capable of rendering at that speed? I think this is what is causing some of the confusion on the backend when I ask the question of the software team vs. the hardware team.

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