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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes
Released February 23rd 2023

Vive Console


  • Now supports AMD 7000-series GPU with VIVE PRO 2 Extreme mode.
  • Fixed a bug that causes random error 209 with VIVE Cosmos headset.

[OpenXR ]

  • Now supports XR_HTC_hand_interaction extension.
  • Fixed a crash issue in MSFS2020 due to using unpublished header.


  • Now supports continued data transfer after VBS server is disconnected and come back again.
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i had terrible tearing with vive pro 2 and rtx3080ti on EXTREME with and and it's perfect with

I won't test this one 😇

i will change version of vive console only when you will fix the issue with 4090 

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I think that  all guys with the VIVE PRO have the same problem as I had.
Flickering/glitches vanished after procedure below - just two updates ago.

This version of the Vive console is absolutely stable 

1. Uninstall steamVR from steam and VIVE console (everything from VIVE, viveport too, just all the VR software you have, check twice you' ve got nothing installed either from steam either from htc website)
2. Unplug all the cables from your VR to PC
3. System restart (Windows restart)
4. Install a) SteamVR from STEAM b) Vive console from STEAM
(dont use any files from htc vive website - it is causing the conflict with vive software from steam)
5. Plug all the cables from VR to PC.
6. System restart (Windows restart)
7. Turn on the Linkbox (HMD turns red)
8. Right click on Vive console icon (autostart, right down corner) --> "TURN ON CONSOLE"

Vive console turns on SteamVR automatically, set up your room once , voila !

Every time turn on the console the way described above !
I ve got 120HZ (extreme mode) on HTC VIVE PRO 2 with   RTX 3080, no problems at all. 

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