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flashing grey screen


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I keep having instant grey screens. Especially when a scenario such as "crouch and turn your head".


The grey screen doesn't happen when the headset gets overheated it starts at the beginning of the steam vr Home / Lobby . There is no vibration on the base stations (checked and double checked). The Vive camera is off. There is no bottleneck on the GPU or CPU


I have set up station with dimensions 2.4x2.4 (5.76 m2).

The base stations are set up to the corners of the room

The base stations are mounted with a angle of 40 degrees.

The base stations are mounted at a height of 2 m.

The base stations are connected with the sync cable. (Mode A and Mode B).

The data cable is connected to the usb 2.0 port


I have 3 more set ups with the same specs with no problem at all.


What i have tried and failed.

changing the usb ports to 3.0

changing the base stations with brand new ones.

changing the cable with a brand new one.

changing headset with a brand new one

covering all reflective surfaces.

changing the pc with a non problematic stations pc.

changing the height of the base stations.

not using the sync cables.


Anyone got an idea or a known fix for this issue

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If you're on an original Vive you can try taping over the problematic sensor. I've not heard of this problem on a Pro. 


You don't mention whether you tried all those other failed remedies at the same time. If I'm interpreting your post correctly, you're saying that you basically swapped out all the hardware including the PC and HMD with known-working units and you still have the problem, but you have three other VR rigs that are similar (not identical) that do not have the problem. If so, that would seem to mean the problem is environmental, i.e. pick up all the hardware and move it to a different "room" and see what happens.


p.s. The one item I did not see mentioned is the link box. 

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When dealing with a flashing grey screen - it's typically indicative of tracking issues first and foremost. 


When troubleshooting traking issues, you'll want to generate a SteamVR system report and search the output for reflections or other basestation specific lines.


The way to confirm a reflective issue would be to create a SteamVR system report, save the file, then open the file in a text editor and use Ctrl+F to search the document for the following term: back-facing. 


If you see a high number of back-facing hits, it's almost certainly a reflective issue. 

Here's an example output that shows a clear-cut case of reflection-based interference: 

Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4R8EF209 H: Dropped 32312 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session

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i started having this issue whenever i face the base station labeled B and happens after 15 minutes, when i hard reset the headset by unplugging power from the link box and holding the side of the headset it fixes for about an hour then starts again.

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On 9/12/2019 at 2:21 PM, Neocrat said:

Seems that persons all around the world are having the same problem!


Did anyone solved it?



Solved mine by putting a massive industrial pedestal fan in front of me when I play. Very stupid that these things overheat after such a short time, I get maybe 30 mins in before it goes full grey seizure mode.

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