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flashing grey screen


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I have flashing grey screen. This is starting past 20-40 minutes from turn on steamVR.

My demo video: 

The first 20-40 minutes all works fine, and then gray flashes start, exactly when you look in a certain direction. Tried to cover the reflecting surfaces, tried to connect the base stations with a cable (with a change to A and B). nothing helps. The temperature of the processor and video card is normal. But that's why for some reason in any part of the game area and wherever I look, the first 20-40 minutes is all right!

Can the helmet get warm and react poorly to the sensors?

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Hello, here and on another forums I read that that flashing might be because of sunlights , or something like this (mirrors, TV, gloss flour). But I didn't find the answer, why this things don't impact on vive for 30-40 min before the flashing start? The Environment didn't change.

Answer me please.

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I have the same problem. It's been acting up for about a month. I've had it for 6 months. I *think* it was better before but it could be that I'm playing more games now that use more of my play area. Honestly not sure. I just know that at the beginning I didn't worry about this at all and now it is a constant problem and is ruining everything. I can't even defend the castle in theLab without a couple of whiteouts.


Two days ago a guy talked me into trying the sync cable and it did not help.


Like Aidarpro said, mine seems to get worse the longer I play. I'll move a base station, run room setup, then I'll be testing it out, thinking everything is cool, then as soon as I start getting "Immersed", BAM, I see white and its back to harsh reality. Like today I was just playing the Wave and I was really getting into exploring the universe and I got a flash, the some more, then by the time I gave up it's like it had its mind set on not letting me look in exactly the direction I need to look.


I don't know how to proceed. I would gladly buy another base station if it could use three just to eliminate the bad spots. Even defending the castle from the hoard I have to remember where the guy was and take my shot blind and hope it comes back. Somtimes when it whites out, I'll peek out and I am staring stright at a base station. :mansad:

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     We're working hard to try and figure out the solution to these issues. It is an extreme challenge given the variety of software, hardware, and environmental factors that our userbase has. I personally suspect that the source of the bug is within the OpenVR/SteamVR pipeline and am currently trying to track down leads in regards to that. If that is the case, than only the team at Valve can work to fix it. It seems the common thread here is that the setups (including the environment) worked okay and only recently started acting funny which reinforces my theories about it being a software issue that masquerades as a hardware/environment issue. It's interesting that for many it appears to work for a while before quitting out. Since it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere I can understand it potentially be related to overheating but we didn't see this sort of thing last summer. 

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