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[Unity Tutorial] Direct Preview (video update)


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Hey Dario, I've been trying to get the DirectPreview up and running with the VIVE Focus 3. when I enter play mode within unity I can see in the editor's game preview it's tracking the HMD's position, as well as the controller's position just fine. but when I put on the HMD I can't see the preview withing the device itself, it's only showing me the VIVE loading spinner. I was wondering if you know of any to solve this issue.

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Hi @Kaj,

Thanks for feedback. 

May we know your Wave SDK version? 

Since D.P supports both USB and WiFi connection, a faster way to quick clarify to switch another way for a trial.

If still no lucky, please grab the logs for us to further clarify, thanks.

  • C:\ProgramData\HTC\ViveSoftware\ViveRR\Log &
  • C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Unity\Editor
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I tried both USB an Wi-Fi and neither seem to display anything.
I'll send you the logs from yesterday's try-out. i tried it with unity's VR Template, and some of the example projects that's listed with WAVE SDK, Essence, native. in the package manager.

I'm using Wave SDK version 5.3.2-r.4

I checked the logs and found this.

[2023-09-04 12:04:19.650 +1 0x2148 INFO RRModReport] Server Variable (BOOL) changed IsHMDReadyToReceiveVideo = false
[2023-09-04 12:04:19.650 +1 0x1F28 DEBUG RRModPreprocessing] Receive IsHMDReadyToReceiveVideo change
[2023-09-04 12:04:19.651 +1 0x55E0 INFO TransmitHID] Received connection lookup message.
[2023-09-04 12:04:19.651 +1 0x3E74 INFO RRModDriverAgentWave] BOOL Server Variable changed IsHMDReadyToReceiveVideo = false

it's probably only part of the story, so here are the rest of the logs.

ViveRR Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18XEoyG1zCrFRKyrCDH-Bq5k106RJ04m6/view?usp=sharing

Unity Editor: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sg9ozDjdJVM1h2p4p9ho-0dZH-iDaYmA/view?usp=sharing

Thanks in advance!

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  • 7 months later...

Once direct preview is running in the headset, there is no native way to stop it. Selecting quit from the menu doesn't seem to work. When you try to quit you think it is closed but are then unable to run steam. I found that if I run vive business it shuts it down and then I am able to run steam. Feels like a bug. 

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