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WiFi6E stability and roaming aggressiveness issues

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Hi, I've been testing the Vive Focus 3, its wifi capabilities and VBS performance the past week and I've noticed several issues. I've been testing with 4 Vive Focus 3 headsets and a pair of Ubiquiti U6E Access Points.

WiFi 6E connection stability

I've had considerable connection stability issue while connected via 6GHz, even when in the direct vicinity of the access point. I get frame stuttering, corrupted frames and higher latency. This while when I was testing the headsets with 5GHz, I had very good performance. I even had four headsets connected to a client at 100mbps static bitrate. However once I switched to 6GHz, I had trouble maintaining a connection to the access point, let alone establish a VBS connection. Even once I managed to establish a relatively stable connection, the performance of 6E was not good at all, especially compared to 5GHz.

Roaming Aggressiveness

I was testing how the Vive Focus 3 handles the handoff between two access points. I did not get it to work properly at all. The Vive Focus 3 stubbornly maintains connection to the first access point even when the headset is much closer to the second access point and the connection quality and performance was horrible. Is there any way to tweak this?

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