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Very Low FPS Focus 3

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I am having really bad performance with the focus 3 using unity. 

I am checking the FPS in an empty scene, (I only have 2 small planes (a ground and a wall) and the default skybox from unity, one directional light). 

I am using a simple prefab with no hands or controller. All WaveXrSettings are set to default. 

I am running at 40 fps. 

When I add the hands, and some unity Netcode server-client scripts, I am having the same results. 

I am using URP - (Balanced mode)


Is this a normal FPS rate? It is not a lot to start with.


When I run my game, I enter some optimized 3D scenes and it drops to just below 20fps, which is clearly not enough.


It feels laggy and I have black bars on the edge of the screen in the HMD when I turn my head. 

I tried :

  • baking occlusion culling
  • baking all the lights in scene (still have to use a couple of mixed lights and at least one dynamic light)
  • lowering ResolutionScale in WaveXRSettings
  • In urp settings
    • lowered shadow resolution to 1024
    • disabled anti-aliaising

Doing all this doesn't seem to help much, still around 20 fps.

I have to be able to run my eperience with 25 HMD's in a 200m² room. 

I haven't had the chance to test with more than 5 HMD's at once but I fear that it will drop even more as the number of connected HMD's will rise.  

Is there a max recommended Tris / Verts for a scene to render ? (note that having to render 2.9k triangles / 5.8k vertices gives me already a low 40FPS)

Did I miss anything? 

Do you have any tips / documentation as to how to improve the overall performance ? 

Thanks in advance ! 

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Hello @Tony PH Lin

Thank you for your answer, I'll have a look today !

Yes, I am building for Android and playing directly in the HMD, no streaming.

We ruled out streaming because we thought it would require a huge server with too much GPU. 

But maybe it could be the right choice after all ? 

It has been difficult for me to find the info about a typical setup for this. 

Could you give me a recommendation of a typical setup that could run the app on 25 HMD's simultaneously ? 

Network-wise, I read on the forum that I need to use Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 but it also said that I can't put more than 5 HMD's on one WAP. 
The thing is, those routers can only provide 1 (wifi 6) WAP. 
Should I get 5 to respect the recommendations ? 

What would be the steps in unity to port from standalone to streaming ? 

Thank you very much, 


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