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Very Low FPS Focus 3


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I am having really bad performance with the focus 3 using unity. 

I am checking the FPS in an empty scene, (I only have 2 small planes (a ground and a wall) and the default skybox from unity, one directional light). 

I am using a simple prefab with no hands or controller. All WaveXrSettings are set to default. 

I am running at 40 fps. 

When I add the hands, and some unity Netcode server-client scripts, I am having the same results. 

I am using URP - (Balanced mode)


Is this a normal FPS rate? It is not a lot to start with.


When I run my game, I enter some optimized 3D scenes and it drops to just below 20fps, which is clearly not enough.


It feels laggy and I have black bars on the edge of the screen in the HMD when I turn my head. 

I tried :

  • baking occlusion culling
  • baking all the lights in scene (still have to use a couple of mixed lights and at least one dynamic light)
  • lowering ResolutionScale in WaveXRSettings
  • In urp settings
    • lowered shadow resolution to 1024
    • disabled anti-aliaising

Doing all this doesn't seem to help much, still around 20 fps.

I have to be able to run my eperience with 25 HMD's in a 200m² room. 

I haven't had the chance to test with more than 5 HMD's at once but I fear that it will drop even more as the number of connected HMD's will rise.  

Is there a max recommended Tris / Verts for a scene to render ? (note that having to render 2.9k triangles / 5.8k vertices gives me already a low 40FPS)

Did I miss anything? 

Do you have any tips / documentation as to how to improve the overall performance ? 

Thanks in advance ! 

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Hello @Tony PH Lin

Thank you for your answer, I'll have a look today !

Yes, I am building for Android and playing directly in the HMD, no streaming.

We ruled out streaming because we thought it would require a huge server with too much GPU. 

But maybe it could be the right choice after all ? 

It has been difficult for me to find the info about a typical setup for this. 

Could you give me a recommendation of a typical setup that could run the app on 25 HMD's simultaneously ? 

Network-wise, I read on the forum that I need to use Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 but it also said that I can't put more than 5 HMD's on one WAP. 
The thing is, those routers can only provide 1 (wifi 6) WAP. 
Should I get 5 to respect the recommendations ? 

What would be the steps in unity to port from standalone to streaming ? 

Thank you very much, 


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@JulienActiveMe the maximum of 4/5 users on a WAP is for PCVR streaming, a good router will happily run 25 HMDs in a multiplayer scenario provided the multiplayer content is optimised from a network messaging perspective.

For 25 HMDs you'd need 25 PCs, so I wouldn't recommend it for a large rollout like that if you don't need it.

For on-headset: You should have real-time shadows disabled entirely, as they render the scene from the perspective of the light and are incredibly heavy on the headset. Though if you're getting 40FPS in an empty scene that would indicate something is off... what version of Unity, URP and Wave SDK are you using?

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HI @Ben Woodford,

I have tried in a new project since I learned a lot in the past few months, and to my surprise, after importing everything (but the scenes) I had a FPS of 90!

After importing the 2 first scenes, I was happy to see that they were running at 70-90FPS as well! 
Now there are a few (much) heavier scenes, and upon spawning in them, FPS started dropping.

I had to settle in the previous project to scenes with FPS as low as 20-25.
Now the lowest FPS in the new project is about twice as much. 

So overall nice improvement! 

It's up to our art team now to optimize the scenes and redo the lighting so we can get to 60FPS at the lowest. 

Thanks for your answer! 

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