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you'll need a new app to open this viveport


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, - we're currently working hard to investigate this bug. In order to figure out what's wrong, our engineers need the logs generated by the installer. Since you cannot open Viveport, we can't use our error reporting system and the logs need to be sent over manually. They're normally found in %install_folder%\VIVE\Updater\Log and %install_folder%\VIVE\Log. 


When using a default installation pathway, this is typically “C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Updater\Log” and “C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Log”.


If you're able to share those logs with us, we'll be able to understand the root of the issue. Feel free to PM if you need help finding and sending these logs, a good place to easily host them is www.pastebin.com 


-David R

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I have the same issue.  Log file contents:

# Log begin at 2019-11-12 18:28:48.795
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.795 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] InstallHelper Begin
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.797 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Process Elevated.
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.799 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Load text from : C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Updater\Tool\Text\en_US.json
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.801 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Target Installer : C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Updater\App\PCClient\ViveportDesktopSetup-
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.803 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Target Name : VIVE PORT
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.803 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Working Folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Updater\App\PCClient
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.804 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Action : OOBE
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.805 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Param : /silent
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.806 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Param : /norestart
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.807 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Param : APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY=C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\PCClient
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.808 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Param : /log
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.808 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Param : C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\PCClient\installLog.txt
[2019-11-12 18:28:48.809 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Params : "/silent" "/norestart" "APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY=C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\PCClient" "/log" "C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\PCClient\installLog.txt"
[2019-11-12 18:28:49.998 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Launch OK. Wait for process end.
[2019-11-12 18:28:51.771 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Got exit code : 5
[2019-11-12 18:28:51.815 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Couldn't install VIVEPORT (5)
[2019-11-12 18:28:51.817 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Reset ut.ini
[2019-11-12 18:28:51.819 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Don't show message box due to from OOBE and has no show message reg.
[2019-11-12 18:28:51.820 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Write registry Software\HtcVive\InstallHelper OK
[2019-11-12 18:28:51.823 +2 0x3378 INFO LOG] Terminated.

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TLDR - Only install VivePort in the default installation location on the C drive (Windows 10 OS), do not change the installation location!!!


I was just having this issue as well in January 2020, and I haven't seen any solutions posted  anywhere about this issue. I resolved my issue though. I encountered the "you'll need a new app to open up this viveport" error a few times while trying to install VivePort, and each time I would completely uninstall Viveport and then try a new clean install and I kept getting this error. I had Viveport installed on another PC I have and it was working perfectly, and the only difference between my other PC install and my current PC was on my current PC I was trying to install VivePort to a secondary SSD and not my Windows C drive.

So after multiple failed attempts of try to install VivePort to a secondary SSD, I finally let VivePort install in its default install location on my C drive, and everything worked perfect, I stopped getting the "you'll need a new app to open up this viveport" error and everything just worked! I have been playing for days without any issues!

@VibrantNebula it seems there may be an issue of changing the default install location or installing on a separate drive that is not the Windows C drive.

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