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How do I get my voucher code for Fallout 4 VR?


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Same here. I used my redeemed code, obtained 2 months on VivePort, but I ordered a Vive with 2 months + Fallout. My seller advise me to directly see with HTC.

Is the code same for Fallout and Viveport Subscription ? Is there 2 different cards ?


Thanks for your help.

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I recently ordered my vive through walmart.com, I found the code in the bottom of the box but I redeemed it for the subscription thinking that it came with it as it was the only option. Is there any way of rectifying this error?

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If we purchased this product before fallout 4 promotion ended then we are entitled to the game no matter when we submit the code. I don't understand why is it a issue trying to get the correct code to redeem a product that was part of a promotion that was paid for.

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