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VIVE Pro tracking out, original works fine

Raging Beard

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Swapped out my Vive to the Pro and all is green but it is not usable. Turns on and in Steam VR Home, but after 5-10 secs the tracking goes mad, all over the place.


Tried different USB ports, no help. Swapped back to original Vive and works perfectly.


Any ideas please? Worried I have received a faulty one and will now take ages to replace.


i7 8700k, 1080ti, 16gb, win10

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Can you please describe the behavior with additional detail so we have a better idea of what's going on? Does it display a grey screen typically indicative of tracking loss, is it similar to judder, or does the viewport widely shift around the room by large distances? Are you on the SteamVR main branch or a beta branch? Are you GPU drivers recent? 

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, do you have similar specs? Are either two of you using custom cabling, or adapters?


We're tracking a few clusters of issues but there are only a handful of similar cases. There is a known conflict with some Logitech products that can cause behavior similar to the report - It's currently being addressed.  


The entire PC VR ecosystem is seeing a flurry of updates and patches which are interdependent upon one another so it's hard to isolate the problem to either the desktop or the HMD . In many cases, the fastest way to determine if it's the HMD or the PC is to try the HMD on another VR compatible PC. While an RMA will ensure you have a working Pro - it may not ultimately fix your specific issue if it's an issue buried within your software stack. 


Posting more detailed info about your setup (motherboard, GPU, OS...ect) helps us identify any potential trends. 

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What Logitech projects are you encountering errors with?   System info below, I have also uploaded a Steam VR log, the transcript from the chat with the HTC rep yesterday with what we troubleshot, and finally a System Info export to my dropbox here:




I have an
Intel i7-4790k
Asus Maximus Hero Vii.  

16 gig ram

PNY 1080 TI

HTC Vive


I am using the following controllers hooked up via USB:

Thrustmaster Warthog

Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals

Logitech GT Driving Force Wheel

Custom gas, brake pedal system


My situation is this:   Current Vive works fine, no tracking issues at all.  I plug in the HTC Vive Pro, replacing the curent Vive headset.  I'm using the Base stations from the original Vive in the current location.  They are on Station B and C, and have green lights.


I'm not using any custom cables, I'm only using things that came with the Pro.   I have the Display port cable hooked up to the 1080 ti, along with my monitors.  I have the USB cable hooked up to a USB 3.0 port (I've also tried 2.0)


When I use the Vive Pro, I get issues with tracking when turning my head, the screen will grey out.  The Steam VR app will tell me that the headset has lost tracking.   If I set it still long enough, it will come back.     I also get jumping in the set, where the view will bounce around.   I don't get this with the normal Vive, I plug it in and it works fine.   I have gotten the Vive Pro to work ok from one spot in my room where it will track fine and not cause issues.  Everywhere else it exhibits these issues.


The controllers are working fine, they aren't exhibiting any tracking issues, even when the headset is.


I'm willing to test things out if needed.  I also don't want to send this thing back to only find out it's system specific.  Having said that, I also don't want to hold onto a defective headset when I could have a correct one in my hands :).


Let me know if I can get you anymore information.




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Okay so slightly embarassing, but bare in mind my original Vive has always worked perfectly, and did so each time I swapped back and forth in desperation. This made me think that the issue could not be an environmental one... I was wrong.


All my faffing about, searching online, posting, messing with my PC, and what solved it? Closing my curtains, that's what!!!


Never needed to before so never considered it. Clearly the Pro is much more sensitive. So check for ANY reflective surfaces!

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Having a similar problem.

My Vive Pro seems to work fine for 5-20 seconds on starting up Steam VR, after which it loses track and displays grey everytime. No judder nor jumping around, just turns grey. It occationally resumes, but only for 1 or 2 seconds Totally unusable. The base stations and the controllers are condition green.

When I switch the headset back to the old vive, it works flawlessly.

Tried Steam VR main as well as beta.

Tried hooking base stations with and without sync cables.

Neither solved the problem. Curtains of the room are closed.


MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon, i7-8700K, 1080Ti Zotak Amp Extreme, 16GB, Win 10.

Logitech/ Logicool wireless mouse.


Anything I should try?



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