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Does the Vive Pro with Lighthouse 2.0 Support 4 lighthouses today?


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The current status is as follows as of Sept 7th:

The base station management tool is now shipping in the main SteamVR branch. It will allow you to access all 16 channels supported by the current 2.0 base stations. With this you can array upto 4 basestations to be utilized by a single HMD/SteamVR session. You can also use the extended channels to allow for multiple basestations to be in a single location without causing interference with each other. Using this tool, you can set which basestation's signals will be accepted by a SteamVR session. You cannot get a single SteamVR session to work with more than 4 basestations concurrently. 


In short, support for 4 basestations is now currently live. Each instance of SteamVR determines which basestations it accepts data from via the management tool. 

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So looks like that the Wireless adapter only supports a 6m range from the source...meaning that the 10x10 meters playable area is not supported ( unless you place the wireless receiver at the center of the room I suppose )...so basically the wireless device can be used with 2 base stations, but if you want to get the full 10x10 meters experience, the wireless device can't be used, correct?

Some explanation on that would be great, since I bought the Pro just to use the 10x10 meters setup ( as soon as the base stations 2.0 will be available for separate purchase )

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