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Distortion Correction Issue


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definitely not a tracking issue in my case:


Looking at the row of menu icons, putting the settings icon at the corner of the lens (left or right) , move your head to the left or right:

The center in the lens will be stable, the side (in that case the Settings icon) will squish in and out (Like the image previously made up in the post in the red "ring").

Every lens edge are swimmy, the rest (center) is stable.


This is not something you notice if you can fix your eyes dead center on the lens, but we never do that, it's hard not to move your eyes... but as soon as you look no in the center and look naturally around... swim swim...


I don't use glasses. IPD is set correctly to my eyes.

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I only have a single Vive Focus to test with but I am certain with my unit that the issue is caused by distortion and not tracking problems. The view warping occurs in different physical locations each with adequate lighting and good features for tracking. When the Focus has occasionally had trouble tracking the result is a clear erroneous move of the viewpoint itself before the software latches on to features within the physical space.

That is distinct from the persistent warping that I see generally. The issue is a lack of spatial coherence in the final presented images which makes objects within the virtual world appear to bend and change size as the headset is rotated.

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All the VR developers I've shown the Focus to have immediately commented on this and they've mainly suggested that the final image isn't being distorted correctly for the optics. 


Likewise - really pressing the headset into one's face mitigates the issue somewhat (and improves the FOV) but becomes uncomfortable over time. Even with this there's still some swimminess with horizontal head motion.

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Yep I've experienced similar issue on two different VIVE Focus units (1.3 update) some experiences (ie: some distances) make this very visible. Standing on the "home" platform and rotating head right to left feels very "swimmy" and some lens warping like in the reference image is very evident when looking at the hand rails, or in experiences like the Car Garage, and the Snow architecture demo.

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Hi    ,

Thanks all for your supports to clarify.

Could you support us again to use below adb command and get back results for us?

The displayed results show as three digits like below, thank you.

EX: 1,1,1


adb wait-for-device shell getprop ro.boot.hmdcfg

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